EMT is a Certified Tax agents in UAE & Tax Agent by the FTA (Federal Tax Authority) in the United Arab Emirates. Tax agency in UAE. We offer a range of services related to Value Added Tax (VAT Advisory Services), which include: VAT Registration, | VAT Consultation, | VAT Health Check, | VAT return filing, | VAT Planning, | VAT auditing, | VAT Penalty Waiver, | VAT refund, | VAT De-Registration, | VAT Advisory services in UAE.

As registered tax agents we assist taxable business owners to fully meet their tax obligations and save them the time and effort required in compliance. We have great experience and expertise, which allows us to provide the best quality VAT Tax services in UAE. We identify the effectiveness of the VAT procedures, documentation, and control practices, and our tax accountants can take care of every aspect of VAT.

We will help you to determine whether the Vat Registration applies to your business or not and whether your business needs to register for VAT or not. Also If you are considering voluntary VAT Registration, we can review if it saves you money and if you will get benefits in the long term growth. Our Experts will attend to all your concern and cover all key checks, in short, your voluntary VAT Registration review and registration process will be satisfactorily done by us. We are the certified Tax Agent in UAE.

If you are looking for a professional VAT advisory service and require consultancy on any other matter about VAT Tax in the UAE, write us without any hesitation, we are here for you.

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A Glance into our VAT services in UAE.

VAT Transaction Analysis

VAT Transaction Advisory Service basically refers to the examination of a single business transaction to determine if UAE VAT is applicable. Such services are exclusive to a company to continue operations without any difficulties in the long run.

VAT Compliance

When filing for VAT in Dubai, firms must adhere to strict VAT regulations. A firm must register for VAT if its yearly revenue exceeds AED 375,000, according to VAT laws.

VAT Training

VAT introduction in the UAE necessitates extensive preparation. The VAT training is appropriate for those in sales and purchasing, accounts, tax departments, payable and receivable accounts, finance managers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, among others.

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UAE FTA Audit Assistance

A tax audit is a procedure carried out by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to review the commercial records or any information or data of taxable people conducting business in the UAE, according to the Tax Procedures Law (Federal Decree-Law no. 7). An FTA audit is the government’s review of a business’s taxable entity responsibilities. This audit, which is carried out by the FTA in the UAE, guarantees that all liabilities are settled and all tax dues are recovered and delivered to the government within the period specified.

VAT Periodical Return Review Assistance

A VAT Return, often known as a ‘Tax Return,’ is a periodic declaration that must be submitted to the authorities by a registered individual. The typical filing time for VAT returns will be quarterly. The authority may, however, require particular types of enterprises to file the VAT return on a monthly basis in order to limit the possibility of tax evasion and enhance regulation and supervision.

VAT Refund

All enterprises listed under the FTA are obliged to file a VAT return, detailing the sales and purchases made during the taxable period. The amount paid to the supplier for purchases or costs is known as input VAT, whereas the amount collected on sales is known as output VAT. On a VAT return, if the input tax is higher than the output tax, the taxpayer can claim a VAT refund after submitting the return.

VAT Historical Return Review

A VAT return is a statement that explains all of your sales and purchases within a certain tax period. This document must be prepared and submitted using the FTA e-portal using your receipts.

In the UAE, every qualified taxpayer is obliged to create and submit a VAT return once every tax period. Based on the prescriptions issued by the FTA on your VAT certificate, the tax term is either a month or a quarter.

Voluntary Disclosure Submission

A voluntary disclosure is a document given by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) that allows companies and taxpayers to alert the agency of errors, omissions, or modifications in a tax return or refund. In the UAE, a VAT Voluntary Disclosure Form 211 assists a taxable person in correcting mistakes made when filing a VAT Return or requesting a VAT Refund.

Reconsideration Submission

The implementation of tax reconsideration submission option is to resolve the issues of firms that are dissatisfied with the FTA’s fines and judgments. If the taxable person’s petition for reconsideration is legitimate, the FTA is quick to adopt the taxable person’s disputes about the consequences and to change its prior judgment. The VAT Reconsideration submission is a request application filed to the FTA by a tax agent, coupled with sufficient reason to think that the fine or other conclusions should be amended.

Appeal to the TDRC

The initial stage for taxpayers who disagree with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is to file an ‘Application for Reconsideration.’ After that, you can file an objection with the Tax Disputes Resolution Committee (TDRC). To continue forward with this procedure, taxpayers will require the assistance of knowledgeable and professional UAE tax advisers.

VAT Registration

In the United Arab Emirates, VAT is levied on the purchase and sale of taxable goods and services. The normal VAT rate in the nation is 5% at the moment. A VAT-registered firm collects VAT on behalf of the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA), and as a result, it is able to recover VAT paid on business costs for items and services.

VAT Deregistration

When taxable firms expire or cease to engage in taxable supply, VAT deregistration is required by UAE VAT legislation. VAT deregistration in the UAE entails the disabling of a company’s VAT registration and the removal of its tax registration number (TRN). If the FTA is convinced with the submitted cause, the VAT registration UAE may be canceled as soon as a firm quits trading.

VAT Group Amendment

The relevant member can propose that a member be removed from the tax group by submitting a VAT group change application to the FTA. If the deleted member is qualified and needed to register but has never done so, they may be requested to complete out a VAT registration application.

VAT Implementation

In the UAE, VAT became effective on January 1, 2018. VAT (Value Added Tax) is a sort of indirect tax that is also classified as a consumption tax. Businesses with a yearly turnover of AED 375,000 or more must register for VAT in the UAE under the UAE VAT law’s Executive Regulations and take the appropriate steps to implement VAT-compliant solutions into their activities.

VAT Transaction Advisory

VAT Transaction Advisory Services entails advising a company on certain sector transactions. It is more significant when the entity has a broad range of transactions including several goods, services, geographical locations, and branches. By identifying risk factors, working capital, IT support, and other procedural modifications in a timely manner, consulting services may help companies reduce their efforts.

Advisory for VAT Designated Zones

A Designated Zone is any region declared by Cabinet Decision as being outside the UAE for the purposes of Value Added Tax (VAT). Territories that have been designated to provide commercial advantages. According to Cabinet Decision No. (59) of 2017, 20 zones have been specified as designated zones for the purposes of the Federal Decree-Law No. (8) of 2017 on Value Added Tax.

TAX Code Mapping

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) and the UAE Customs Departments have teamed together to collect VAT on items imported into the UAE. In order to release imported products, all VAT-registered enterprises must present the Tax Registration Number (TRN) to the customs department. If the Tax Registration Number (TRN) in the customs system is updated and proven to be legitimate, the customs department will enable enterprises to pass imported products without paying VAT at customs.

VAT Accounting Records Compliance

The law governing VAT in the UAE outlines the accounts and records that must be kept by all registrants in the nation. The law also defines the length of time that bookkeeping records for supplies made and received must be kept.

VAT Transaction Analysis

VAT Transaction Advisory Service basically refers to the examination of a single business transaction to determine if UAE VAT is applicable. Such services are exclusive to a company to continue operations without any difficulties in the long run. Recognizing how VAT affects critical corporate activities including cash flow, procurement, and standard operating procedures. Understanding the VAT-related contract/agreement amendment requirements. Recognizing the difficulties of transition. Recognizing the implications for registration and responsibility.

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EMT Accounting and Bookkeeping Services LLC is an industry-leading accounting and consultancy firm in Dubai. Offering comprehensive VAT consultancy with VAT Experts and VAT return filing solutions to companies all over the UAE. We help educate businesses on the financial impact of tax to goods and services, and the measures they can take to mitigate the effects. We can guide businesses on the steps to proper taxation compliance, VAT refund and adoption including the necessary updates to accounting systems and databases.

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  • Analysis of Value Added Tax on Businesses in the country.
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  • Implementation of compliant accounting software and systems.
  • Registration for taxation purposes in UAE.
  • Comprehensive personnel training for VAT in Dubai, UAE.
  • VAT Advisory Services in Dubai, UAE.
  • Restructuring of the entire supply chain, including processes, transactions.
  • Assessment of contracts and other affected documents
  • Development and application of VAT structure within the company
  • Progressive training of personnel in preparation of Value Added Tax

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